Blog Fishing: Today's Catch. July 27, 2005

A New Location for the Estrangements Blog

After checking out seven options (, typepad, squarespace, livejournal, radiouserland, tangelo, movabletype)  for having a "traditional" type of online blog for my site, a blog that allows comments from visitors and archives the posts, I am leaning towards the site. I have a free 30 day trial version currently. We'll see how this goes.

I've been checking out these options beginning on July 10 and have set up five different blogs to see how they work. I am using one for my business website. I like the Typepad setup a lot. Let's see how it works.

This all takes time which is one reason that I haven't been contributing any new posts to the site lately. I've been busy researching and trying out online blog services.

You are going to be seeing the name "Snicks". That was my nickname in high school. Few who know me in my offline life know that name. I miss my old nickname so have decided to use it for some of my online postings.



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