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About my thyroid ...

I realize that I have left anyone hanging who might have wondered what happened with my thyroid. The results are in. I have Graves' Disease. I have the dubious pleasure of sharing this experience with the older George Bush and Barbara Bush. I have wondered how long they had to wait before they got an appointment with an endocrinologist? Not long, I'll bet! I have wondered if they experienced all of the intestinal and colonic indignities of the ailment? Like hyperdefecation and hemorrhoids? Being Presidential or a First Lady wouldn't make you immune to the little delights of Graves', would it? Or do the doctors at the White House have secret miracle cures for these miserable symptoms?

I was given an antithyroid medication that is working marvelously at this point. About a week and a half after starting to take it, I felt much improved. I can say that 2 weeks ago I felt the best that I've felt in years! I think I was still a little hyperthyroid and the additional boost to my heartrate and metabolism made me feel ever so good. I still feel well but I think I am on the downside of the effect of the medication ... meaning that my thyroid hormone has decreased enough in my system that I am feeling a little tired and achy. On October 31 I go back to the endocrinologist who is planning to give me radioactive iodine to ablate my thyroid gland. If I am very lucky, the ablation will knock out enough but not too much of my thyroid and I won't have to take any medication. But chances are that eventually I will need to take synthetic thyroid hormone. A LOT of people take synthetic thyroid hormone. It works well on most.

I also discovered that I was anemic. No reason found by the doctor. I suspect that in my zeal to eat so that I would not raise my cholesterol, I was eating too little red meat and too little of nutritious food. I have changed the way that I eat. Now I am eating red meat every day as well as Vitamin C juices with every meal. The heme in red meat helps your body absorb iron in veggies. Vitamin C does the same thing. So a little meat with a meal is good even if you're not having it as the main feature. I am eating eggs again too after not eating eggs for years. Eggs have a bit of iron.

Currently I still feel the best that I have in years. My energy level, even with the tiredness, is good. I am getting a lot done. My mood is good. I am wondering how much the thyroid affected my mood and for how long it did that?

Well, enough about health stuff. This blog is not about health stuff. It is about estrangement. But I thought some of my readers might want to know. And when it affects my keeping up my blog, then I think it makes sense to talk about it. But not all the time.



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