Breaking News! Another Estrangement in the Family ...

About my thyroid ...

Can't sleep. Discoveries on her family photo album ...

It's early in the AM and I can't sleep. This is the fault of having fallen asleep on the couch while watching TV earlier in the evening and then when I go to bed, I can't sleep. The irony! I couldn't stay awake on the couch but I can't sleep in bed!

So what better time than 2:30 AM to write a post?

I discovered more details when I looked at Robin's website again tonight. In her online family photo album she has added text on top of the photos. Over her father's image she has added "Robin's Asshole of a Dad" and his name. Over her stepmother's image she has added her stepmother's full name and the words "Robin's Step Bitch".

I feel really lucky! All she did was estrange me and then act like I had died. There are no photos of me on her website. I don't exist. I never knew how fortunate I was!



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