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Good Morning, World! Gratitude and Rejection

Robin? I never expected you to be pleased if you found this.

If you have really looked at, you would see that I have never presented myself as someone who is a therapist or a counselor. Where i have given advice is through my own experience. I have owned my mistakes. I have shared what I have learned from others estrangements. I do not consider myself the Dear Abby of estrangements. I expressed my feelings there and here. The site is full of information about estrangement source material that is not of my making. There are books referenced and links about estrangements. The time I spent on it was not for you. It was for others. There are a lot of people who have experienced tremendous pain from estrangements. The site is for them, not for you. This may be news to YOU, but not everything is about YOU either.

I have shared my own experience and disagree with it as you will, it is MY experience and you would not know what MY experience has been like. No one that you are in a relationship with would know anything about MY experience of it. Least of all YOU!

I don't care if you read it. I don't care if all of your relatives read it. I don't care if none of you understand. I don't care if you hate me or if you all think I am some kind of nut. I just don't care. I am beyond your ability to hurt me and I don't care what you think or whether you agree. From what I can see of what you are writing about me, you are a liar. You may believe your lies but you are still a liar. And you are good at projection too. Definition of Projection. Excellent at projection. A top notch expert at projection! Congratulations! I would give you the Gold Medal for Projection at the Olympics if I could.

I just don't care what you think about this.



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