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A List of Links on Mental Illnesses that can be involved in an estrangement.

A mental health professional is generally the best person to diagnose a mental illness but sometimes the person who needs help the most refuses to see a professional. Then relatives do the best that they can to try to sort out what is happening. It might be helpful for relatives to consult with a mental health professional to see what the best course of action

might be. In some cases the person with a problem may refuse treatment.

We live in a country where the rights of individuals come first so when someone refuses to go for treatment, then we have to accept that they have that right. Many people manage to function in their day to day lives remarkably well even though their thinking may be quite odd.

I know people who are quite convinced that they will make fifty million dollars in the next few years and have been convinced of other huge windfalls several times in past years. They have had other interesting ideas as well that result in their believing that the government is watching them and that others just don't recognize the brilliance of theiir ideas and that others might want to steal their ideas to make the money for themselves. These people have convinced me just how entrenched a psychological problem can be and how futile it is to expect them to get treatment. They still pay their bills. They still get by from day to day. They still believe that they are going to make millions of dollars on each new idea that they get. Nothing changes. I could make myself ill if I tried to get them to change. They have taught me that.

My mother was institutionalized in the fifties for 3 years for her mental illness. She has been in and out of psychiatric wards many times in the last 50 years. She has been seeing psychiatrists for over 50 years. But she doesn't think that she is mentally ill. She thinks that she sees a psychiatrist because she needs medications and that seeing a psychiatrist is the only way that she can get her medication. She thinks that other people have far more mental health issues than she does. She has often accused me of being crazy or stupid or dumb. She is the one who is fine ... in her own mind she thinks she is fine.

For those of you who are wondering about mental health issues, whether someone else's or your own, here are a list of links on various mental health issues that can be involved in or result in estrangement:

BPD Central: a list of resources for people who care about someone with borderline personality disorder (BPD).

Borderline Personality Disorder

Signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder. 

Bipolar Disorder - NIMH

Bipolar Disorder - on Psych Central

Persecutory Type of Delusional Disorder, Previously called Paranoid Disorder. Can be one of the symptoms of bipolar disorder. 

McMan's Depression and Bipolar Site

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) : "How to recognize a narcissist" by Joanna M Ashmun, 1998. Some of the most interesting reading that I've seen on NPD. Also has links to other useful sites and information on NPD.

Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

From Psychology Today on Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Dick Sutphen's The Battle for Your Mind.  A site that discusses brainwashing in our culture & cults - sometimes involved in estrangements.

The Foster Report on Scientology Scroll down on the linked page for references to Scientology being implicated in family estrangements.

Steven Alan's Freedom of Mind Center  Cult Counselor and Mind control Expert

About Schizophrenia on NAMI

Understanding and responding to symptoms of schizophrenia

Not a mental illness but a type of alienation: Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) refers to a type of alienation that may occur between children and one parent after a divorce, particularly after a bitter divorce.

Parental Alienation Syndrome: Articles

  Links to PAS information on

  A Directory to Information about PAS


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