My ex-daughter

Angry. Way over a ten on a one to ten scale.

Blog Fishing: Today's Catch, Nov. 1, 2005

I go to and then put in key words that relate to estrangement. Then I see what comes up, check the blogs it found, and if there is anything interesting, I collect the link and put it here with sometimes a little quote from the post to give an indication of what the post or the blog is about. This is my second Blog Fishing Expedition.

10 Blog Fish:

How does one become un-estranged?  "I've felt increasingly like it is time to talk to my father again, but as time passes

I know less and less how to do it.  I had my reasons for drifting out of contact with him, even for not returning the sad message he left ..."

Women Who Inspire "Two years ago she left my stepfather and moved all the way to New York to start a new life with my estranged father of 17 years, and everyone is proud of her for it. My mom has been through so much and she’s still beating her way through life."

Curse You First Person Narative! " The story is about perfectly normal people, having perfectly normal problems. In this case, it's a middle aged English professor dealing with office politics during a period of budget cuts, an enlarged prostate (which happens to be a metaphor for both his stress level and his issues with his estranged, albiet academically famous, father)..."

A Sister's Gift A treasured photo of a mother.

Edgar Allen Poe He was my favorite author when I was a teenager. This is a blog about famous people and this post is about Poe. He was estranged from his adopted father.

BOOKS: Third Girl from the Left, Martha Southgate (2005) "The Edwards women are not a close-knit family; Angela's departure has estranged her from her mother, and she refuses to even talk to Tamara about her family"

Movie Fans are Cheering for 'Dreamer' "As the wise, elder Crane patriarch and horseman, he has been estranged from his son for a while. But, thanks to his granddaughter’s love and the desire to help save Sonia, father and son begin the process of settling their differences."

Little Earthquakes: Oh, My Aching Uterus "Through the points of view of these women, we witness the inner and outer workings of their marriages, family relationships, and friendships as their lives take on new and unpredicted shapes when their babies arrive. Lia deals with a secret tragedy and returns home to her estranged mother;"

Silencing of the Marginalized "I wonder how to be part of a more suppportive circle of women. I do not know what to do about the women i am estranged from.
My heart aches and yet, as i examine my actions, i feel the importance of the values that i stand so staunchly for."

what's a person to do. "Dangerous subject for me here.  Estranged from most of my family, I am now confronted with my daughter on a weekly basis."


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