Graves' Disease Update

Graves' Disease Update

Greeting Cards for People Who Are Estranged

When I stopped in a drugstore the other day to look at greeting cards, I saw some new categories of cards I hadn't seen before. There was a category of cards that was titled something like: Cards for Troubled Relationships. And then there was a category similarly titled but a separate category called something like When Times are Difficult.

The cards in these categories were geared towards

those who were having problems in romantic relationships. They sounded like the kinds of cards that people would send each other when a breakup is imminent. Or when one person had been an insensitive jerk and was able to admit it. Or when someone had been under a lot of stress and hadn't been able to be much fun for quite a while.

I didn't see cards for other relationships that could be included in these categories. Like for estranged parents and grown kids or siblings or friends. I thought if they were going to have a category of cards for Difficult Relationships that there needed to be cards that were suitable for these other kinds of relationships too.

It might look like this:


Works for me! :-)



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