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Jennifer Aniston last night on Larry King

I tuned in for the interview and watched the whole show. It was mostly about the movie Derailed that Jennifer Aniston is in with Clive Owen. About acting and celebrity and papparazzi and the desire for a private life. Aniston did not want to talk about recent events in her private life or about private life at all. Larry King made some attempts to get her to talk about her private life with no success.

The media hysteria about the end of her marriage to Brad Pitt and the media hysteria about her in general has been obnoxious. She clearly wants the focus to be on her work as an actress and not on her private life.

My impression of her in the interview was of a very strong woman with a clear sense of direction. I could sense pain behind the words at times but also acceptance and determination to go forward.

I had hoped that she would talk about some things that interest me but understood why she wouldn't. In her position as a respected and popular actress, her opinions on some of the things that she has been through and what she has learned could benefit a lot of people if she was willing to share them. Maybe she will be willing to talk about them some day when she is ready.



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