About sending presents when you are estranged ...

Two Father/Son Estrangement Links

Link to a Sermon on How to Reconcile a Family Estrangement

This being a Sunday and my not knowing what else to say this Sunday morning, I offer a link to a sermon online given on July 28, 2002 by the Rev. Kenneth G. Page. I include this link not because of my own beliefs regarding religion or reconciliation. I offer it as one viewpoint on reconciliation. Offering this link does not mean that I agree or disagree with the Rev. Page. I offer it as one viewpoint.:

Family Estrangement:  Healing Divisions. A Sermon by the Rev. Kenneth G. Page

The Rev. Page says in the last paragraph: "Know this, though:  Trying to reconcile with someone who won’t have you, can be a spiritual experience."

I understand this concept, even though as an experience it is painful, frustrating, infuriating, and exhausting and very difficult to be grateful for.



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