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I remember what a friend said to me back in 1997. She said that you can't "logic it". We had been talking about the behavior of people who had decided to estrange themselves from us and would not reconcile. The behavior made no sense to either of us, neither the decision to estrange nor the refusal to reconcile.

I've tried to "logic it". But there isn't any logic to some things.

My husband and I know a guy who is socially fine and dandy but in his personal and business life he is so eccentric. We don't argue with him. My husband enjoys doing business with him. I enjoy seeing him socially. But he is his own worst enemy in his personal life and is just so strange about many things. We have a name for his logic. We call it by his first name and then Logic. His name is not Aaron. I will use the name Aaron instead of his name. Pretend his name is Aaron. If his name was Aaron, it would be Aaron Logic. If we encounter something else in life where there seems to be no logic, we say, "It's Aaron Logic!" Or we make up a new name for the logic using that person's first name.

Of course, to Aaron his logic may be clear even though what he says makes most people roll their eyes. And the ones who don't roll their eyes? Hmmmmmm.

It helps to figure out ways to get through these things and smile. Even when it is painful and your heart is breaking, if you can find a way to smile through the pain it helps you to move forward. Eventually. There is an eventually. Some of you who read this aren't there yet but if you keep moving forward, you will get there. Keep that in mind and keep moving forward, one step at a time.



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