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OT - On the subject of Thanksgiving Day family murders ...

One of my favorite online writers is Steve Huff. He usually writes about crime stories that interest him and chooses stories to write about that I'd never hear of otherwise. This will sound strange but he has superb taste in crime and good instincts for what motivates people.

This last week the question crossed my mind of how many people would murder a relative on Thanksgiving Day. Does anyone keep track of these things? No one probably but with all the stresses that occur when some families get together, undoubtedly there have to be a fair number of murders that happen during the holidays and even more that only happen in the minds of the would be perpetrators.

Then I read Steve Huff's crime du jour which was not only about a crime but also about love, family, relationships and the stupid tragic things that people do. Coincidentally, the subject was about a Thanksgiving Day family murder.  


Note: Steve Huff's Darkside blog where I read the story above no longer exists and the link that I originally had provided to the post mentioned above is no longer good so I deleted the link. But, if you want to visit Steve Huff's current writings, he has a blog now at


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