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Do objects become estranged? What about socks?

Results of the Internet Search of the Day using Keywords Estranged and Thanksgiving

Got a little time on your hands and want to do some reading? Some of the blogs I found are very cool. These are the most interesting of the results I found on doing a Technorati search of blogs that include the words Estranged and Thanksgiving. Results are from the last eight days worth of blogs.

1. Friday, November 25, 2005: Ministry of  Happy Smallpox-Infected-Blankets Weekend.

2. Thursday, November 24, 2005: Let the Games begin: finding your place in an ever-growing family...creating controversy for the hell of it...running like hell.

3. No Regrets. Posted on  Thursday 24 November 2005

4. New Kid on the Blog, Nov. 24, 2005

5. Man gets year in prison for scattering nude picsThursday, November 24, 2005 By RUSS FLANAGANThe Express-Times (Scroll down for article.)

6. 24.11.05 First Post

7. The Thanksgiving Day Column

8. Thanksgiving

9. Thanks a lot

10. Thanksgiving Message

11. And Fuck the Turkey You Rode in On Other profane posts on the topic of our American Thanksgiving exist if you want to look around for them on his blog.


13. I need a holiday to remember?

14. Me and My Crazy Dreams

15. Pieces of April

16. I Want My Mommy

17. TV One Thanksgiving Showcase; Mid-Season Sitcom 'Crumbs' Promos Begin on Sunday

18. Feeling the Grinches Coming On...

19. Search on Technorati search for blogs with the keywords estranged and Thanksgiving This one is if you want to do your own search on Technorati for recent blogs with the words estranged and Thanksgiving. The results should change as the date gets further from Nov. 24.


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