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Sentences you won't ever hear said by a Prince(ss)

While some people may not know the meaning of specific words in the English language, the Prince(ss)es of the world do not know the meaning of and are unable to speak certain entire sentences. Hoping to hear a Prince(ss) say these sentences is futile. A Prince(ss) cannot understand the sentences below and it is impossible for a Prince(ss) to be able to say them to the person whom they have estranged themselves from and whom they talk about in a contemptuous and scornful manner:

Sentence #1: Perhaps we could sit down and talk about this in person.

Sentence #2: Let's let a third party like a therapist help us sort through this.

Sentence #3: I accept your apology.

Sentence #4: Let's just spend the afternoon together and not talk about anything upsetting.

Sentence #5: Let's get to know each other again.

Sentence #6: I miss you.

Sentence #7: Sometimes I am wrong.

Sentence #8: I have problems just like everyone else.

Sentence #9: I don't know all the answers.

Sentence #10: I can understand why you said that.

Sentence #11: I can understand why you felt that.

Sentence #12: Everything isn't all about me.

Sentence #13: I can handle it if everything isn't about me.

Sentence #14: Maybe what I thought had happened isn't exactly the way it happened or why it happened.

Sentence #15: Sometimes I can be a jerk too. I understand.

Sentence #16: Maybe not going to the mall with me that day 20 years ago wasn't the worst thing that Pond Scum could do. After all we were at Cape Cod. Who goes to Cape Cod to go to the mall? Yes, I can understand. I forgive you, Pond Scum. We're even. I wouldn't go to the James Brown concert with you and you wouldn't go to the mall with me. Let's call it even. It was 20 years ago. Who judges anyone by not going somewhere with them one time 20 years ago?

Sentence #17: Maybe I could have expended a little more effort to spend time with you too.

Sentence #18: Maybe things that happened 20 years ago are not good things to use to excuse why I won't spend time with you now or speak to you.

Sentence #19: Maybe you are not as scary a person as the person that I have said that you are. Maybe you are somewhat better than Pond Scum.

Sentence #20: Maybe you are loveable and maybe somehow we can find a way to love each other again. After all, apparently there are real human beings out there who love you, Pond Scum, and who actually willingly spend time with you and even invite you places. I guess there is SOME chance that you are not the worst Pond Scum on the planet.

Sentence #21: I owe you an apology too for treating you as though you are Pond Scum. I am sorry.


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