An essay on the ability to appreciate and the ability to grow.

A List of Links on Mental Illnesses that can be involved in an estrangement.

Some links that come up when searching on keywords: "estranged from my mother":

Estranged from my mother: Ask Amy Anything Advice Column August 6, 2004

Severed, Like a Tree from Its Roots by  Lillian Boraks-Nemetz A quote from the article: " Then there is a different sort of separation -- a rending of children from parents, a bizarre example of what was done during the era of Nazi persecution when parents gave their children to strangers so that they might survive."

The links below are all from a blog called Real Joe. To navigate to the next post from the one linked to, you just click on the next subject in the blog which will be the one to the right of the word "Main".

I haven't seen many blogs written so sensitively by a man who wasn't by profession a writer. Oops! I checked out his "About Us" info and he is very much a writer! I bumped into Real Joe today in my search for some interesting links on estrangements.

My mother's coming down for a family therapy session today

Lunch with Mom ... from the Real Joe blog

He is still my dad ... from the Real Joe blog

Robbie read the first draft of my eulogy to Pappy ... from the Real Joe blog


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