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A year later there is progress even as things stay the same ...

Some things don't change. A year ago what I wrote is as true today as it was in December of 2004.
Wednesday, December 8, 2004 The Busyness Cure

I've thrown myself this last week into doing a redesign of the website for the nonprofit that I'm involved with. While I can't control much in this world and accept my powerlessness over people, events, genetics, the past, and the laws of physics, I can have the illusion of some small thing that is in my control when I work on a website. I wish I had more knowledge and skill. I am self taught. But I learn every time I work on a site.

I am a terrible housekeeper. I've never enjoyed housework and I'm overwhelmed with all it would take to get my house in order. But I find the time to sit down and go over the source code in a web page to find the reason why it isn't displaying correctly. I forget to eat and sleep as I work on a site. I test each page in three different browsers. I don't do it for pay. I volunteer to do this.

There is an art to it. There is a great site on website design. Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design It's fun to browse this site to look at the web site creations by professional graphic artists. I wish I were that good. I can aspire ...

A website is one place where things stay where I put them. They don't get dusty. They are organized. I can feel good about it looking the way I wanted it to look. My websites are nothing like my living room!

Working hard at something I enjoy is the best cure for getting my mind off of other things. I don't want to argue further with Someone I Once Knew. I don't want to debate our respective faults and weaknesses. I don't want to continue with that. I don't want time to dwell on a situation that I can't change and question whether it would make sense to change. The situation is the situation and that's the way it is. I don't want to debate who is at fault and what the facts are any more. I just want to go on with my life and do what I can to help other people if possible. Throwing myself into art and/or work and life is my best cure of all. I think it's easier to do when enough time has passed. For me enough time has passed.



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