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Christmas Eve Traditions, Past & Present

Results of search on Technorati for keywords Christmas and estranged ...

Here are the results of this Technorati search today. I did a search using the keywords Christmas and estranged. After I selected ten, Technorati pooped out on me so couldn't look at more right now. But this is sufficient. The results relate to all kinds of estrangements: with parents, husbands, sisters, friends and some are just peripherally about estrangement.

This Empty Room

t6n6ght's 6sn't v6ry g66d. t6m6rr6w w6ll b6 b6tt6r. 6nl6ss 6t's n6t.

Bittersweet Christmas

You just can't help everyone


Today I feel dead

Homeless get second chance as Santa Claus

Here's what's going on

Two more days

a fresher's fresh year

¢няιѕтмαѕ ¢αя∂

Christmas & racism

Wishing you a peaceful holiday,


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