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"The End of Strife" ... What happened to this blogger?

What happened to the author of The End of Strife?

I've had an active imagination for most of my life. My favorite author when I was a kid was Edgar Allen Poe. I often imagine terrible things have happened that haven't happened. I am often wrong. So I am hopeful that my concern about this blogger who I found back in early October is unwarranted.

This woman known only as "M" began a blog, The End of Strife, on parental alienation syndrome in early October. She told the story of how her marriage fell apart, the beginnings of alienation by her children, her ex-husband's unreasonable behavior, and then nothing ... the last post is on October 18. Nothing more. I had sent her an email on October 19 but never received a reply.

Did she get ill? Did she have an accident? Did she go on vacation? She was careful to protect her anonymity. There are few clues as to who she is other than that she is in Canada, she is a writer and an artist. My worst fear is that her husband has murdered her, that she is missing, and that no one knows what happened to her. That he has convinced their children that she doesn't care about them and that is why they don't hear from her. I am wondering .... is she okay? I would be so relieved to see her continue her blog. She was writing at length and as though her writing was something that she cared a lot about. It seems unusual that she stopped writing. Her story is unfinished.


(Note: In June 2006 "M" returned to blogging.)


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