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This is a longshot. I am writing this post in the hope that some stranger on the internet will find it and know who this woman is who wrote a blogspot blog called The End of Strife. She wrote the blog for nine days in October 2005 and then stopped. She has written nothing since October 18, 2005. I am hoping that either someone knows her and will write to me to tell me she is okay or that someone will write to me and tell me that they know who she is and they are wondering where she is too.

If you look at the blog, you will see that her writing is well done, carefully thought out, and even passionate in her attention to what she was writing about. She wrote a considerable amount in nine days and then .... nothing. The writing appears unfinished. It just seemed that she intended to continue with it. She lives or lived in Ontario, Canada. She described herself as an editor, a professional writer, a researcher, an artist, the divorced mother of three children. She is in her mid-forties.

She has been going through a bitter separation and divorce for the last four years. There are links on her blog to organizations that provide counseling to victims of domestic violence.

In the arts her interest was fine arts and portraits. How many women would fit all these criteria? She referred to herself as "M" to maintain her anonymity. Is that the first letter of her name? She has two sons and one daughter. She refers to her sons as J and T. She refers to her daughter as D. In 2003 her daughter was in high school. Her daughter was becoming alienated from her. She referred to her husband as S. I wonder if she saw any irony in their letters being S and M? Probably just a coincidence.

I have mentioned this blogger once before when I first wondered why she had stopped writing. Since then I contacted the police in Toronto and Ottawa and also one of the organizations that provides counseling to women who are in situations where they are being abused. One policeman has responded to me and has tried to find out who she is through their tech unit but due to confidentiality laws and no evidence of a crime having occurred other than her not writing her blog, he can't find out who she is and verify whether she is alive or not. I have been concerned that her ex-husband may have murdered her. That is dramatic and I hope that I am worried for nothing. I would like it if I discovered that it is just me being silly and worried for nothing.

The organization that counsels women did not know who she is. They said that there have been no murders reported in Toronto that match the description of who she is. There weren't any in Ottawa either according to the policeman. He has been very kind to look into this as much as he has for me. I was expecting not to be taken seriously at all. I hadn't heard from the Toronto police.

I did email her on October 19 when I was just writing to say hello and then again on December 22 to inquire as to her wellbing and express my concern. I never received a response. I have also tried to contact blogger by phone to see if they could get a message to her but there was no way to talk to any live person at blogger.

I know that people from Ontario do visit my blog. I know that if something happened to her, it might be something normal that just happens in life that either incapacitated her or caused her to be too busy to write. An accident? An illness? Some emergency in her family?

What alarms me is that the circumstances that she was describing are so often the kind of circumstances that end up with someone being killed because a husband can't tolerate his ex-wife trying to keep custody of her children. Some people just can't stand it if the person who leaves them just wants to have a good life and stay in a relationship with their children. I am worried about this complete stranger. I am wondering if she had many friends and if she would be missed if she suddenly disappeared? I am wondering if an ex-husband might have given some reason why she wasn't around. I am wondering if there is just some reasonable explanation for her sudden quitting of her blog? Did she break her arm? Was she in a car accident and is recuperating in a hospital?

Anyway, this is a longshot. A very longshot. And probably very silly. But since when am I afraid of being seen as silly? :-)



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