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Taking a vacation from blogging

Snicks_1 It's only been this last fall and winter that I have posted so much so regularly and for so many months. I am going to take a much needed vacation from my blog. I plan it to be a month long vacation. So there will be no new posts till March 6.

There is plenty to read here if you need something to read on estrangements. There are links to news articles and blogs. There are lengthy posts. There is the archive of the blog. There is the estrangements.com website. Lots to read. I will update the website as I find new links or references to add but I won't be writing new posts in the weblog.

So see you back here in March. Feel free to hang out here without me.


Estrangements in the News

Dear Annie. Sunherald.com Scroll down in the page accessed from this link to a cautionary tale on false memories and inaccurate perceptions.

Woman threw herself between child and attacker. Vancouver Sun, February 1, 2006 Story of people in Canada given awards for heroism including that of a woman who heroically saved a 5 year old child from a violent attack by the child's estranged mother. Monique Wong, the heroine, is a citizen of China and, ironically is being asked to leave Canada by Immigration as she is not a citizen.

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Estrangements in the News

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