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Dear Annie. Scroll down in the page accessed from this link to a cautionary tale on false memories and inaccurate perceptions.

Woman threw herself between child and attacker. Vancouver Sun, February 1, 2006 Story of people in Canada given awards for heroism including that of a woman who heroically saved a 5 year old child from a violent attack by the child's estranged mother. Monique Wong, the heroine, is a citizen of China and, ironically is being asked to leave Canada by Immigration as she is not a citizen.

Police: New Braunfels Man, 29, Shoots Mother-In-Law, Kills Self: Estranged Wife Held Against Her Will In Hotel Room January 18, 2006

MUM PUZZLED ABOUT LOVE'S BOOK UPSET Courtney Love despises her mother, Linda Carroll's, book, Her Mother's Daughter, about her although apparently she hasn't actually read it.

Shady sits down. January 9, 2006 Australia article Eminem is interviewed. Mentioned is remarriage to his ex-wife, Kim, and possible reconciliation with his mother, Debbie Nelson.

It's a rap: Eminem re-weds. The tightly guarded ceremony attracts fans and celebrity news outlets to Rochester Hills. January 15, 2006, Adam Graham and Kim Kozlowski / The Detroit News Eminem reweds his childhood sweetheart, Kim. It is reported that he has a "Kim: Rot in Pieces tattoo on his chest." I wonder if he'll leave that in place for a while or get that taken off? If someone can reconcile after expressing this much hatred, there may be hope for any estrangement ending. As they say, there's a thin line between love and hate.

Eminem reties knot in high style. Opulent' Meadow Brook event features 100 guests, including Obie Trice and 50 Cent, but not Em's mom. January 16, 2006 Detroit News

PRINCIPLES FOR LIVING: Seek fufilment in life against all odds (from The Peninsula, Qatar's Leading English Daily, by FIDELIS C ODOGBO)

Book Review: Nowhere is a Place by Bernice L. McFadden. Jan 7, 2006, Damir Dokic reveals kidnap plans for daughter"Tennis father from hell?!"

Suspected burglar caught after being discovered in mom's home By Matt Swearengin Senior Staff Writer. Feb. 2, 2006

Evidence suppression hearing held over. By April Charlton/Staff Writer. January 28, 2006, SantaMariaTimes.comMother about to go to trial for the murder of her estranged son-in-law. For more about this case: A January 7, 2006 article: Grover Beach woman set to stand trial for murder By Quintin Cushner/Senior Staff Writer

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