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How do you feel about this man?

After asking yourself the question in the previous series of images about how you feel about a woman in differing circumstances of estrangement,  the question of the day is: How do you feel about this man? Click on the image to access the image gallery. These images won't change every ten seconds as in the slide show. You need to click on each image to see each one. Ask yourself if there are differences in how you feel.

Baggage Gallery of Images: Man

Slide Show: How do you feel about this woman?

Here is another way to view the images that are in the previous 11 posts. Click on the image below and a slide show of 17 images will begin. Every ten seconds the caption will change. I have added 6 more captions to include other relationships. This series of images and text were inspired by an artwork with changing titles that I saw in an art exhibit to help the viewer identify stereotypes that they carried regarding race.

Baggage Slide Show: Woman

Just been thinking ...

A couple of years ago I saw a small artwork that incorporated technology into it to illustrate a concept relating to race. It was very clever and made a good point. I've been thinking about it because it occurred to me to try something similar to make some points about estrangements and the personal baggage that we each carry. I haven't yet figured out how to design it but if I give it some concentrated attention, I am sure I can come up with an interesting little exercise/demonstration for posting here. It might involve a sequence of posts that are meant to be viewed as a "package" of posts. Or it might be one post. I don't know yet. Stay tuned.

So still thinking. I've had some other things to do too. Life is like that. Busy. But I'm still here.

My Johnnie Cash question was based on the idea of offering up food for thought. Questions that I ask might have little relevance to some readers and more relevance to others. The questions are meant for anyone who has experienced estrangement and gives it more than a passing thought. Just stuff to think about. Like homework! But voluntary homework. No grades. No classes. No rules. Just stuff to think on.


PS. Note added later: Click on the category "Creative Expressions" for the posts that resulted from my thinking.

Slightly less common than dirt?

That's what my husband used to say about antiques that he considered common.

I am being facetious. I am talking about estrangement being slightly less common than dirt.

Yesterday I was showing someone I had met recently how to do some computer things. While I was waiting for software to install, we were making idle conversation. I asked if he and his wife had children. He said, "Yes, a daughter."

He didn't say anything else for a minute. Then he said, "My wife's daughter. But we don't socialize." I asked, "You mean you are estranged?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Well, I am estranged too. You're not alone." Then we went on to talk about other things.

Lord, it's common!


OT: Just this amazing story ...

Months ago I read about this young guy in England who decided to earn tuition money by selling pixels on his home page. It's just a wonderful story of marketing and technology and money and ... It's just amazing. If you've never heard of it, it is such a neat story. So here is the link for his home page: Million Dollar Home Page

The page will take a while to load in unless you have a fast connection. But be sure to visit his blog that is linked at the top of the page. It will tell the whole story.

Yes. I know. This has nothing to do with estrangement.


Question of the Day, March 16, 2006

I saw the movie Walk the LIne on Saturday night. Great movie! I've always enjoyed Johnnie Cash's music. So much energy and heart in his songs. In the movie he is portrayed as a hard drinking hard loving kind of guy.

The children of his first marriage witnessed his drinking, fights between their parents, and the breakup of the marriage. He was unfaithful to his first wife. He abused drugs. He did things that would be scary to children. He sang great songs. He is beloved by many, including me. His son from his marriage to June Carter was one of the producers of the film.

So ... my question is, "Does Johnnie Cash deserved to be estranged by his children?"

My asking the question doesn't mean that I am feeling judgemental about Johnnie Cash. I could ask it using other names inserted in the question rather than "Johnnie Cash". I could ask it differently such as, "Did Johnnie Cash's father deserve to be estranged by Johnnie Cash?"

My question asked in yet another way is, "When is estrangement deserved and when isn't it deserved?" This question isn't really about Johnnie Cash. It is about everyone. It is a rhetorical question that you, gentle reader, can ask yourself.


Self portrait


Self Portrait

I carry a camera with me almost all the time. This is a mirror backed coin operated game that was in the theatre where we went to see Walk the Line. I'm looking serious but that is only because I don't like the way that my smile looks in photos now that I am older. Vanity, vanity, where is thy sting? The answer is: "Apparently in a photograph!"

What it's like the rest of the time ...

I lead an ordinary sort of life. Most of the time I am a happy camper. Not literally a happy camper. Just a reasonably happy sort of person who occasionally has had bouts of clinical depression. The clinical depression hasn't returned since I received treatment for Graves' Disease. Maybe my thyroid was doing a number on me for years?

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What it's like the rest of the time ...

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What it's like ...

One day you wake up angry and in tears because you realize that someone whom you love thinks that you are a bank robber. Someone whom you thought knew you believes that you are a bank robber and they want nothing more to do with you. There is nothing that you can do about this. They are convinced. They are self righteous. They believe what they believe. They don't love you. They tell you and others repeatedly how they don't love you and how awful you are because you are a bank robber.

You have never robbed a bank and you never would rob a bank.

That is kind of what it is like. Just substitute the words "a bank robber" with the words "lying, controlling, abusive, and not a nice person". And substitute "someone" with the words "your child".

I will no longer spend time defending myself. We all make our choices. She has a right to her choice and she can believe whatever she wants to believe.

I have a lot to be grateful for in my life. Things might have been different but everyone has their personal tragedies and we all go on.