Slightly less common than dirt?

11/11: How do you feel about this woman?

Just been thinking ...

A couple of years ago I saw a small artwork that incorporated technology into it to illustrate a concept relating to race. It was very clever and made a good point. I've been thinking about it because it occurred to me to try something similar to make some points about estrangements and the personal baggage that we each carry. I haven't yet figured out how to design it but if I give it some concentrated attention, I am sure I can come up with an interesting little exercise/demonstration for posting here. It might involve a sequence of posts that are meant to be viewed as a "package" of posts. Or it might be one post. I don't know yet. Stay tuned.

So still thinking. I've had some other things to do too. Life is like that. Busy. But I'm still here.

My Johnnie Cash question was based on the idea of offering up food for thought. Questions that I ask might have little relevance to some readers and more relevance to others. The questions are meant for anyone who has experienced estrangement and gives it more than a passing thought. Just stuff to think about. Like homework! But voluntary homework. No grades. No classes. No rules. Just stuff to think on.


PS. Note added later: Click on the category "Creative Expressions" for the posts that resulted from my thinking.


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