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Question of the Day, March 16, 2006

I saw the movie Walk the LIne on Saturday night. Great movie! I've always enjoyed Johnnie Cash's music. So much energy and heart in his songs. In the movie he is portrayed as a hard drinking hard loving kind of guy.

The children of his first marriage witnessed his drinking, fights between their parents, and the breakup of the marriage. He was unfaithful to his first wife. He abused drugs. He did things that would be scary to children. He sang great songs. He is beloved by many, including me. His son from his marriage to June Carter was one of the producers of the film.

So ... my question is, "Does Johnnie Cash deserved to be estranged by his children?"

My asking the question doesn't mean that I am feeling judgemental about Johnnie Cash. I could ask it using other names inserted in the question rather than "Johnnie Cash". I could ask it differently such as, "Did Johnnie Cash's father deserve to be estranged by Johnnie Cash?"

My question asked in yet another way is, "When is estrangement deserved and when isn't it deserved?" This question isn't really about Johnnie Cash. It is about everyone. It is a rhetorical question that you, gentle reader, can ask yourself.



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