May 2: Estrangements in the News

For Parents

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne was reconciled with her family in 2004.
On Biography of Roseanne
On, multiple page article: God and Man in Beverly Hills by Evgenia Peretz

Quote from page 2 of the Vanity Fair article:

After a few years of hard work with Yardeni, Barr became kind of … decent. "All my relationships and everything were pretty well damaged by my bad behavior," says Barr. "I was able to turn around and heal because of the fact that I could find a quiet space inside my mind and get rid of my fear and feel love… . I had an estranged family—we didn't speak for 15 years. Now I have a wonderful relationship with my mother and my siblings and with my children and with everyone that I have relationships with. I don't get high off getting angry anymore."


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