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Letting Go

I have had less and less need to write about my own estrangements in this blog. I will continue to provide and add to the information online on Estrangements.com which is separate from this blog. The last planned post will be one with links to searches on the topic of estrangements.

A year ago I was writing less and less in this journal. When I was contacted by my daughter,  I experienced so many feelings and had a great deal to think and write about through the fall, winter, and spring. The result was that I gained a greater acceptance of the way that things are and a greater, if sadder, understanding of why they are.

I have been in the process of letting go for a long time. I am further on that road than I have ever been. I never would have seen this as desirable in 1995 even though early on I recognized the value of accepting what can't be changed. Intellectually I realized the value of acceptance and letting go but that realization didn't sink in at an emotional level until recently.

I have let go not only of people but of the need to write this journal on a regular basis. I will leave you the links, the Daily Quote, the past journal entries, and Estrangement.com. There is plenty to read in the blog and on the website and plenty of links to take you elsewhere for more reading. I don't have anything new to say on the topic at this time.

I hope that your visits here provide you with information that helps.

With love,


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Ginny, I know you are not writing very often now in this blog, but I wanted you to know that throughout the past, your journey has often mirrored my own. I have been estranged from my daughter as you have and just knowing that others are out there and by reading your own thoughts, have often been akin to a hand to hold.....especially in those hours when the "what-ifs" kept me up. Thank you for sharing and know that you were often a much welcomed voice in the loneliness of estrangements. I wish there was no such need for that painful word in our vocabulary...........again, my thanks.


Thanks for writing, Sher. I'm sorry that you've had a similar experience with your daughter. I'm glad that my writing online has been that kind of voice for you. Nothing else would be higher praise! Thank you!

Please let me know if your daughter and you reconcile. That would be encouraging to me and to others too.


DeAnne Worley

I am so glad that I found your site! My youngest sister estranged herself from my mother for a perceived wrong recently and my mother is having a tough time with it. I'm going to clue her in to your site because I think she'll be glad to know she's not alone. My sister also has 2 kids she's keeping away from her until my mom does what she wants. What a little Brat! (Sorry). If it wasn't for the fact that I have 1 child, and she does get to see her grandma, that I'm afraid she'd just close herself off from people. My husband was estranged from his father by his own choice, and before he could have the chance to reconcile like his sister did, his father passed suddenly, and now he says he lives with a big "What If", and my sister will someday live with that regret as well and have no closure.

Thank You,


Hi DeAnne,
I'm glad that your mom has you in her life. That would not be good for her to close herself off from people. I know how painful this is. Also how much mothers blame ourselves when things go other than how we had hoped.

Sometimes I wish I was smart and wise enough to know how to make everything better for me and everyone. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I am not that smart and wise. I hope your mom gets through the pain to the other side and gets to live a nice life no matter what your sister does.

Thank you for writing!

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