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Fragmented Families by Ellen B. Sucov

Due to a damaged hard drive that needs to be sent out for data recovery, I'm not currently updating the website. I expect to be able to do updates again in a couple of weeks. (I can do them now but it would be easier if I had some files back on my computer.) In the meantime, I will put the items that I would have put on here on the Estrangements blog.

I found a new book on the subject of Estrangements. I have just begun reading it and my initial impression is that it is well thought out, well researched, sensitive, and interesting. The author has a strong background in psychology which she uses in writing about estrangement and its underpinnings.
Book Title: Fragmented Familes: Patterns of estrangement and reconciliation by Ellen B. Sucov. Published in 2006 by Southern Hills Press.
Websites: Fragmented Families and Southern Hills Press

BTW, if you haven't backed up your hard drive lately, do so ASAP! I had heard it said that it isn't a matter of IF your hard drive will fail but WHEN! You will be grateful to have backed up files!

I had many things backed up but not all.


PS (added on November 26, 2006): I finished the book and recommend it highly. I've added it to the list of books on

I got my data back, $2,430.00 later. It's wonderful to get my data back. It feels like a miracle! But an EXPENSIVE miracle!


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