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Being human = Being nuts

The Almost Daily Quote - Jan. 2 to 26, 2007


About Graham Greene

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January 25


About David Simon

January 24


January 22


On Purple Prose: No collection of estrangement quotes would be complete without  examples that include a few choice four letter words and no collection would be complete without Vonnegut's immortal lines.

Official FAQ for the usenet newsgroup alt.books.kurt-vonnegut.

January 20


Background material on FYATHYRIO and the uses and history of profanity::

1000 Faces of the Finger

Did you ever wonder how profanity came to be?

The Lost Art of Profanity

The FUCK word


January 15


About Sir Peter Ustinov

January 8


About Will Cuppy, American Humorist, 1884-1949

January 7


About Lin Yutang

More About Lin Yutang

January 6


When I was in my twenties, I went to Al anon for the first time. What I learned in Al anon was a tremendous relief to me. Sometimes I have to go Back to Basics and relearn what I learned in 12 step groups. Many years later I again went to Al anon and also to Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) and CODA (Codependents Anonymous). All were helpful.

What 12 step groups offer can be applied to a lot of things in life. Sometimes I've thought it would be great if there was a general sort of 12 step group that everyone would feel comfortable going to. As it is now, most people wouldn't think to go to one unless they were in a relationship with someone who had a destinct problem with alcoholism or another addiction or they had an addiction themselves.
More on the Three C's on About.com: Al anon Beginner's Meeting


January 4


About the Serenity Prayer

About Reinhold Niebuhr

About the History of the Serenity Prayer


January 2


About Josh Billings


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