Almost Daily Quotes for Feb. 8–28, 2007

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Steam running low

I'm beginning to run out of steam here for writing Almost Daily Quotes. I might need a vacation from this. Maybe it's the time of year. Last year at this time I took a month off from writing on Estrangements.

I have enjoyed doing the quotes. Looking at the almost 3 months of ADQs, I can see the improvement in combining text and image. I've enjoyed the selection process. But, as I said, I am running out of steam. I am losing motivation.

There are other things in life that I need to get done that are more important than creating ADQs. I have commitments to people and to myself that need to be kept. There is only so much time to get work done. As I get older, there is less energy and drive. I won't bore you with a litany of ailments other than saying that in the last two years I have felt as if I am disintegrating, little by little, one thing after the other.

I turned sixty last fall and sixty feels considerably different than fifty did. My experience isn't unique. From the reports I get from friends, I have lots of company in this particular boat. In fact I feel fortunate to be alive. Some friends suddenly leave this plain of existence with no warning. The rest of us are left shocked by their absence. It becomes a common topic of conversation: health issues and death.

I go to the dentist and a woman my age, a stranger, is in a long discussion with one of the receptionists about the pain in her shoulder and her reluctance to have surgery. It become tempting to chime in  and commiserate. As many of my generation might have said long ago, "What a bummer!"

What I probably do need is a vacation from estrangements so that is what I am taking. I need time to take care of a lot of other things. I need to set priorities.

I'll be back in a while. Not sure when.

Take care!


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