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Posts from April 2007

Pass the ketchup but no thanks on the testosterone!

I love Scott Adams. There I said it. I love the guy. Today he posted a link to a study about the reactions of some people to angry faces.
High-testosterone people reinforced by other's anger new study finds, March 14, 2007 - on the University of Michigan website.
Which reminds me instantly of one of my mother's brothers and his love of teasing. And my mother's warped sense of humor where she excuses outrageous behavior in the name of joking. Until now I never would have thought of her as having high testosterone. Otherwise she was a wuss.
Scott Adams talks about the implications of this study in this post: This Explains Everything.
Now I am going to go and build a thatch hut for Scott Adams.

Ginny (who, until now, never realized that she had escaped the family testosterone curse.)

Kill the Goat on Estrangement

The first sentence of the post, Estrangement, Oct. 25, 2006, on Kill the Goat:

"It's such an unsatisfactory word, estrangement.  It's so hollow, so impersonal. . . . "

It's a post worth reading. She's a good writer.

Not estrangement-related but she has a blog with some yummy sounding recipes too: Sweet Jay's

It boggles my mind that her mother would estrange her.


A guide to all things nice

It is Just You, Everything's Not Shit is a blog that is a response to a book with the title: "Is it Just Me or Is Everything Shit? The Encyclopedia of Modern Life" by Alan MacArthur and Steve Lowe.

The blog is indeed a "guide to all things nice".

No, neither the book nor the blog are about estrangement, per se. I haven't read the book and only read bits of the blog. I like the attitude of the blogger. Sometimes attitude towards what happens in life makes such a difference. So many people are their own worst enemies. Life can be pretty darned nice if we let it.