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Estrangement in the News, March 8, 2008

1. Man starves himself to death in treehouse
By Harry de Quetteville in Berlin. February 26, 2008
Quote from article: "By his body was a chronicle of the 24 days he spent there before he died, in which he wrote of his pain at the break-up of his marriage, his estrangement from his daughter and his long-term unemployment."
2. Charlie Otero: Life After Death, Feb 21, 2008
Quote from article: "This coming Monday, February 25 marks the 3rd anniversary of the arrest of Dennis Rader, the BTK serial killer. But it also marks a new beginning for one of those most affected by BTK's crimes.
Charlie Otero will spend the anniversary night watching a documentary about what he and others went through."
3. New Zealand: Woman buried after body-snatching drama, March 7, 2008
Quote from article: "A 76-year-old New Zealand woman was buried on Friday after a drama in which her body was snatched from a hearse by estranged family members who wanted her interred elsewhere, news reports said."
4. The Expositor: Search for blood ties not always happy for one-time residents of maternity home. Posted By Lois Legge
5. Farm Families Challenged to Deal with Emotional Side of Farm Transfers, Fri, 02/29/2008. Charlene M. Shupp Espenshade, Special Sections Editor, Lancaster Farming.
6. Blood Ties, February 29, 2008 Nigel Nicholson is professor of organisational behaviour at LBS. His latest book, Family Wars: Classic conflicts in family business and how to deal with them, written with Grant Gordon, is published this month by Kogan Page. Quote by Nigel Nicholson in Blood Ties: "For our book Family Wars, I and Grant Gordon (director general of the UK's Institute for Family Business) analysed 24 case histories worldwide, looking at some of the highest-profile family conflicts of recent times. We wanted to see what common themes they exhibited, and what lessons might be learned.
They are an enthralling mix. There are awesome melodramas of skulduggery, double-cross, relentless vengeance and, in one case (the Gucci saga), even a hitman. Then there are more mundane but equally depressing stories - where families lock themselves into positions of increasing entrenchment."
7. Group helps heal wounds of child estrangement, March 5, 2008
Quote from article: "H.E.R. promises no happily-ever-after outcomes. Ms. Gray has accepted that she may never have a relationship with her daughter. But she said the support group helps her be a better mother to a younger adult daughter."


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