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Proof that you are not alone. Part II

On October 7, 2007 I wrote a post titled "Proof that you are not alone" and then provided data about visitors to my website,, and the Estrangements blog. Let's see what has been going on since then.

The data provided below are labeled as to whether they pertain to the blog or the website. For the blog I have a graph of monthly visits from the last year. For the website I have site statistics of visits for the last three months, April 9 to July 7, 2008. I switched to a different service for the website statistics in April which is why I don't have the statistics from prior to April for

I am providing below:

  1. The number of visitors by month to this Estrangements blog over the last year.
  2. The number of daily visitors to website over the last three months.
  3. The number of minutes spent on website by visitors.
  4. Which countries people are visiting from when they arrive at the website over the last three months.
  5. Phrases used by visitors in searches using any search engine that bring them to either the website or the Estrangements Blog.
  6. Phrases used by visitors in the last three months in searches on Australia's Google that bring them to the Estrangements website.

The number of visitors by month over the last year to the blog:


The number of daily visitors to website over the last three months and the number of minutes they spent on the site.


Countries of visitors to  from April 9 to July 7, 2008

Country                        Number of visitors
UNITED STATES          4,448
CANADA                         184
UNITED KINGDOM           184
CHINA                              174
UNKNOWN                       168
AUSTRALIA                       95
GERMANY                         93
FRANCE                            92
JAPAN                              76
IRELAND                           57
SOUTH AFRICA                 26
SPAIN                               25
SWEDEN                           23
VIET NAM                          21
BRAZIL                              20
ITALY                                17
NETHERLANDS                 16
INDIA                                16
NEW ZEALAND                 14
POLAND                           14
NORWAY                          14
CZECH REPUBLIC            11
PHILIPPINES                    10

These are some of the phrases used in searches using any search engine that bring visitors to either the blog or the website:

  1. poems for estranged daughter
  2. poems estranged mother daughter
  3. "valued for who you are"
  4. family estrangement
  5. how to get with the family after being estranged
  6. estrangement parent
  7. writing to an estranged son
  8. coping with family estrangement
  9. family estrangements
  10. family estrangement mental health
  11. my mother has bpd
  12. family estrangement blogs
  13. estranged mothers and daughters
  14. estranged children
  15. family estrangement sometimes for the best
  16. estrangement children
  17. family estrangements
  18. "new support group" jersey
  19. children estrangement from parents
  20. being estranged
  21. how to deal with being estranged
  22. estranged children
  23. "movie review" "father son estrangement"
  24. estrangement mom
  25. estranged daughter blog estrangement
  26. father son family counselors camden county nj
  27. estrangement from family
  28. support groups for mothers with estranged children
  29. healing estranged relationships
  30. tips for reconciliation with estranged children
  31. family estrangement statistics
  32. coping with family who resent estranged members
  33. joshua coleman
  34. family estrangement christmas card relationship
  35. mother daughter estrangement
  36. estranged from mother
  37. why do people estrange themselves from their parents
  38. parents of estranged children
  39. coping with estrangement from children
  40. proof of estrangement
  41. h.e.r. estrangement texas support group
  42. biological father and estranged daughter
  43. dealing with family estrangement
  44. children estranged from parents
  45. contacting estranged children
  46. how to get over family estrangement
  47. mother estrangement from son
  48.  books on estrangement from adult children
  49.  b d hyman
  50. books written on estrangement of family members
  51. estranged father poem
  52. estranged parent daughter relationships
  53. father in love with estranged daughter possible
  54. how to cope with family estrangements
  55. joe dimaggio siblings
  56. mother and daughter torn apart by religion
  57. mother's day poem for mother and daughter estranged
  58. poems to daughter about abandonment
  59. roseanne barr bipolar
  60. tori spelling estrangement from parents
  61. w.c. fields tetra
  62. was the unibomber bipolar

These are some of the phrases used in searches using Google Australia that bring visitors to the website in the last three months (April 9 to July 7, 2008):

  1. adult children from a divorce that refuse to speak to the parent that has brought them up
  2. estranged families death poetry
  3. my daughter is estranged
  4. alienation and estrangement syndrome
  5. australian celebrites supporting mental illness
  6.  b d hyman
  7. b.d. hyman ministry
  8. cause and resolution of conflict with her husband britney spear singer
  9. celebrities suffering from npd
  10. celebrities who have lost their mothers
  11. drive thru poems
  12. estrangement poems
  13. estranging stupid fathers
  14. fathers dealing with estrangement from sons
  15. i thought we were friends poems
  16. jaid barrymore narcisist
  17. julie williams her nude body days of our lives
  18.  justine henin arden - life troubles
  19. nancy aniston narcissist
  20. poem for an estranged son
  21. poems about broken families
  22. poems about women's support group 10th year reunion
  23. poems my heart breaks the lies you say about me
  24. poems of the life of celebrities
  25. poems on estrangement


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