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Link to Comments on Today Show interview w/Coleman & Debby

What happens when children cut off their parents?

After the interview with the Debby, an estranged mom, and author and psychologist Joshua Coleman, on the Today Show on  July 6, 2010, there has been a discussion set up on the topic of the interview. The link above is to a page with the video of the interview and also a discussion of the interview.

On the Today Show, July 6, 2010: Joshua Coleman and Debby

Joshua Coleman and Debby were on this morning's Today Show on NBC. Joshua Coleman is the author of When Parents Hurt. Debby is a mother who has been estranged by her daughter for seven years. I am providing a link to the interview. I don't know how long the link will be good as the Today Show might not provide these links for permanent access. So if the link doesn't work at some point and I realize that, then I will remove it. It should remain good for a while.

What happens when children cut off their parents. Interview with Joshua Coleman and Debby.
July 6, 2010

BTW the url for the discussion group, Estranged Stories, has been changed to http://www.estrangedstories.com

The old url will still take you to the site but there is a new permanent url.