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Australian blogger on family estrangement: E-stranged

I found a blog by an Australian poet, social worker, writer, and photographer, Fiona McColl. She is doing research on and writes on family estrangement. In a quick perusal of her entries, I found that I have some experiences in common with her and also agreement with her assessment of at least one other writer on estrangement on the internet. There are quite a number of excellent posts that make worthwhile reading.

The blog is called E-stranged

In her "About Me" on her blog Fiona says:

My name is Fiona McColl and I am a clinical therapist, social worker, poet, photographer, researcher and activist for social change. I am also a women who is estranged from my family. I am currently undertaking research for a book about family estrangement. I am most interested in the experiences of people who are living with the complex realities of estrangement. If you would like to learn more or be involved with the E-stranged project through completing the pilot survey or sharing your story, please email me, Fiona McColl at:


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Estranged Daughter

Thanks for sharing this. I will check out her site. I'm recently estranged from my parents and have been writing a blog about it:

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