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For Parents: Discussion Forum on Estrangement

Dr. Joshua Coleman's discussion forum is a place that is particularly helpful for parents who are trying to come to grips with estrangements by their children.

At this time of year I know that many people are looking for support to get them through the holidays. I do recommend this discussion forum. It has been around for a few years but has gone through major improvements. It is much easier to use than it was a few years ago when it was one long window of over 1,000 posts.

Forum: When Parents Hurt: Dealing with Parental Alienation


Being estranged and letting petty stuff get to us.

I've been estranged for a long time now. Life does go on. I am busy with my life but occasionally, like yesterday, something occurs that is really no big deal. It's petty. I don't have to react. Up till yesterday I did not react to that thing. I know that is better for me not to let little things like that get to me.

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How dumb & crazy would I have to be to do that?

Or maybe the title of this post could be "People who are never ever wrong".

I used to have a rather close relationship with someone who could never be wrong. It was crazymaking. In the middle of an argument, he'd change his position to mine as though it was his own all along rather than admit that his original position was not correct. He'd do this when his own position became difficult to defend. Do you know someone like this? It is crazymaking. Not everyone is like this.

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