Family Estrangement: When being able to be wrong is a strength.
Parental Estrangement: 2nd Teleseminar Series April 21 to May 26

Family Estrangement: Dr. Joshua Coleman's Teleseminars for Estranged Parents

I am late in posting a link to Dr. Joshua Coleman's page on his seven session series of teleseminars for estranged parents. The series started with a free teleseminar on Thursday, February 17, 2011. There is a link on his page to the audio of that session.

The next six sessions were scheduled for the next six Thursday evenings at 5:30 PM PST which is 8:30 PM EST.

Session # 3, "Should I Keep Trying or Just Give Up", is coming up on Thursday, March 3. Please note the time difference for whatever area you are in. Also, a download is made available of the sessions for those who are signed up so you can hear them later even if you can't listen to them at the scheduled time.

The prices are quoted on the linked information page.

Dr. Coleman's Seven Part Series of Teleseminars

Those who have participated have reported that they got a lot out of them. There are some questions that came up and have been answered that might occur to you also when you listen to the first one. He does answer some of the questions in the information emails that he sends out.

Compared to the costs of individual therapy and considering that Dr. Coleman has considerable experience working with both estranged parents and estranged adult children in therapy, it is a pretty reasonable cost for the teleseminars. He is also offering group coaching sessions for estranged parents.

I don't usually post things where someone is selling something but in this case, I feel that the teleseminars might well be worthwhile for many people and that many would want to know about them and make up their own mind about whether they want to participate or not.



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