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Parental Estrangement: 2nd Teleseminar Series April 21 to May 26

Dr. Joshua Coleman is conducting another teleseminar series on Parental Estrangement. The first one of the second series was held on April 21 and was free. You might still be able to download the audio of that one  from his site. I'm not sure what the prices are for the other five as prices are quoted to be one amount if paid by a certain date but if you click through to order, the prices are still quoted at the lower amount. So perhaps if you are interested but only at the lower price, you might want to see what occurs if you go to the registration page and see what price is being quoted rather than assume that you'll have to pay the higher price.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has listened to the full series or to individual seminars in the series. I've listened to the first one that was free in the first series and thought that it was quite good. He mentioned a few new things about family estrangements that I hadn't encountered elsewhere. He is quite well informed on the topic. This comes through in his writings and in the teleseminar that I heard.