Family Estrangement: "Being Wrong": The Book, the Experience
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More on the subject of "Being Wrong"

I've been wanting to write more on the subject of "Being Wrong" but have been having trouble finding the time to sit down, organize my thoughts, and write up a coherent post on the subject. I have too many projects going on that need my attention. So I will make do with writing some smaller additional posts on this topic as I find time to do them rather than try to find that larger space of time to write that I would prefer. That larger space of time just isn't happening!

I think of this subject of "Being Wrong" quite often lately while I am doing other things. My husband and I watch The Bachelorette. A week ago we watched with dismay the treatment of the current bachelorette, Ashley, by the narcissistic meanspirited jerk, Bentley. Ashley was unaware of his comments shown on TV during the program of how much he did not like her, was not interested in her, and how much he apparently enjoyed putting one over on her. Ashley was enamored of him. He had her fooled. She was wrong about him. He did not love her, was not attracted to her, and was getting off on fooling her and messing with her head. A true charmer he was not. She was wrong, wrong, wrong. It was painful to watch her reaction to his untrue explanation of why he was leaving the show.

I was imagining how horrified her family must have been to see her tears and then this dude preening over his managing to deceive her. I think through his behavior he exemplifies the word "cad". For some reason Ashley did not see through his deception. How many of us would? We might tell ourselves that we would see it but how often in life are we faced with someone like that?

This kind of person is not encountered that often except perhaps in certain kinds of professions. (Like criminal professions?) Interestingly his profession involves money which does seem to attract a certain type of personality. Which is one reason why the global financial crisis has occurred as there were too many personalities who didn't give a damn about anyone else and who were involved in decision making at the top of companies involved in money management.

People who care only about themselves are not good people to get involved with. When you can see them coming and protect yourself, it is a good thing. They should have a class in school when we're growing up that is on the subject of the identification of the soulless people in life who will walk on you with track shoes for their own enjoyment. We don't expect to encounter this kind of sucky behavior from most people. So they pop up when we least expect it and surprise us.

Most of the time when people are nice to us, we think that they like us and that we might enjoy spending time with them. So it's a shock when we notice that our hearts are stolen or our wallets or the global and/or national economy. We don't see it coming unless we're watching for it and we aren't trained to be that cynical about people.

We usually expect that the people who will do rotten things will look a bit rotten on the outside or smell bad or that deception will show on their face. We don't expect that it is someone who will hug you when you're crying. Then we find out that they laugh behind your back at your tears. How enormously painful to be hurt by someone that you liked and maybe loved.

More  on this subject when I find the next bit of time to write.