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Updating / tidying up estrangements.com

Hi! It's been a while! Just wanted to give visitors a heads up that I have been working on updating and tidying up pages on Estrangements.com. A while back, years back, when Google gave notice that they were going to lower sites in search results if they were not designed to be seen on mobile devices as well as desk top computers, I bought software (Blocs) to redesign my sites. I have three sites that I manage. So I used the new software. Everything could be seen on all devices. All was well. Until it sort of wasn't.

The app maker sent out upgrades as they do. In my initial work with their app on Estrangements.com, I used what is called a "code widget" to save time when migrating the original design to the new app. I have a lot of links on the site and a lot of text. So that speeded things up. A lot! But after one of the upgrades, the code widgets were royally messed up. At least in my opinion the pages with the code widgets after that "upgrade" looked pretty horrible (and a couple of them still do). But fixing them and removing the code widget was going to take time. So I did not get around to working on them till just recently.

Several pages are now tidied up, updated and looking presentable. Those would be the pages for Books and Movies, the page for the list of those who are estranged, and the page about support groups and blogs. I still have the page on Mental Illness and the page of Poems to do.

I apologize for leaving it such a mess for so long. It has weighed on my mind. Working on it is not the most fun I've ever had. It is tedious. But I feel good about it when it's done.

Take care all.



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